» Britain stands in 'full support' of Czechs after Russian expulsions - Reuters
» 'A very good weird': Israel drops outdoor COVID mask order - Reuters
» Daughter of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says he needs a doctor - Reuters
» Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits southern Iran -TV - Reuters
» Germany will not abandon Afghan staff, minister says - Reuters
» F1 agrees 'milestone' 10-year race deal with Miami - Reuters
» Saudi and Iranian officials held talks to patch up relations - FT - Reuters
» Syria to hold presidential elections on May 26 - parliament - Reuters
» Bank of Israel to hold rates, vaccinations to fuel economic rebound - Reuters
» US embassy to withdraw staff as Chad rebels advance - Reuters
» 'Dire need of beds, oxygen': India's capital under siege from COVID-19 - Reuters India
» Spanish police raid factory making 3D-printed weapons - Reuters
» Three dead, two injured in Wisconsin shooting - Reuters
» UK government doubles down on lobbying defence - Reuters
» Cape Verde holds parliamentary election - Reuters
» 'There will be more money': Austria adjusts budget to reflect lockdowns - Reuters
» Most Americans want to end lifetime Supreme Court appointments - Reuters
» Greece says resolving differences with Turkey may be hard, but not impossible - Reuters
» Daimler to hire 1,000 programmers in Germany -Automobilwoche - Reuters
» Cricket: Indian board goes into bat for Olympic inclusion - Reuters
» AstraZeneca could have COVID-19 vaccine against variant by end-2021: Austrian newspaper - Reuters
» Mars helicopter flight test promises Wright Brothers moment for NASA - Reuters
» Cuba's Raul Castro leaves the political stage, his legacy yet to be written - Reuters
» UPDATE 1-Athletics-Rejuvenated Kipchoge eases to victory in NN Mission Marathon - Reuters
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» Neanderthal nuclear DNA retrieved from sediments helps unlock ancient human history
» Study of marten genomes suggests coastal safe havens aided peopling of Americas
» Grave goods show gendered roles for Neolithic farmers
» Genetic admixture in the South Pacific: From Denisovans to the human immune response
» The chillest ape: How humans evolved a super-high cooling capacity
» Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa
» Age of hotly debated skull from early human Homo erectus determined, new specimens discovered
» Childbirth versus pelvic floor stability
» Prehistoric Pacific Coast diets had salmon limits
» Rewriting evolutionary history and shape future health studies
» Modern human brain originated in Africa around 1.7 million years ago
» Living fossils: Microbe discovered in evolutionary stasis for millions of years
» Early dispersal of neolithic domesticated sheep into the heart of central Asia
» 800-year-old medieval pottery fragments reveal Jewish dietary practices
» Genomes of the earliest Europeans
» Fetus in bishop's coffin was probably his grandson
» Neanderthal ancestry identifies oldest modern human genome
» Humans were apex predators for two million years, study finds
» Skin deep: Aquatic skin adaptations of whales and hippos evolved independently
» In search of the first bacterium
» Ancient genomes trace the origin and decline of the Scythians
» Ancient Maya houses show wealth inequality is tied to despotic governance
» Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself
» For ancient farmers facing climate change, more grazing meant more resilience
» The lambs break their silence
» New evidence in search for the mysterious Denisovans
» Worth one's salt: An ancient Maya commodity
» Roof-tiles in imperial China: Creating Ximing Temple's lotus-pattern tile ends
» Malaria devastated humans far earlier than expected
» Elite women might have ruled El Argar 4,000 years ago
» Ancient group once considered nomadic stayed local
» Oldest documented site of indiscriminate mass killing
» Extracting information from ancient teeth
» Biomolecular analysis of medieval parchment 'birthing girdle'
» Secret of the famous Pazyryk carpet: Fermented wool is the answer
» Ancient DNA reveals clues about how tuberculosis shaped the human immune system
» Bahamas were settled earlier than believed
» New technology allows scientists first glimpse of intricate details of Little Foot's life
» Neanderthal and early modern human stone tool culture co-existed for over 100,000 years
» Deep dive into bioarchaeological data reveals Mediterranean migration trends over 8,000 years
» Neanderthals had the capacity to perceive and produce human speech
» Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
» Dinosaur species: 'Everyone's unique'
» Among Ecuador's Shuar, researchers find how disgust evolved as a human emotion
» Ancient skeletal hand could reveal evolutionary secrets
» Using a multipronged approach to investigate the diet of ancient dogs
» Researchers take aim at the evolution of traditional technologies
» New fossil discovery illuminates the lives of the earliest primates
» How did dogs get to the Americas? An ancient bone fragment holds clues
» DNA extracted from modern, ancient and fossil tropical shells
» Medieval containers hint at thriving wine trade in Islamic Sicily
» New dating techniques reveal Australia's oldest known rock painting, and it's a kangaroo
» Genomic insights into the origin of pre-historic populations in East Asia
» Wolves, dogs and dingoes, oh my
» Changing livestock in ancient Europe reflect political shifts
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» Neandertal gene variants both increase and decrease the risk for severe COVID-19
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» How a single gene alteration may have separated modern humans from predecessors
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