I'm not one of those super-intense bike riders, but I do like using mine for fun and transportation. I also like documenting trips I take and web pages I find so I don't forget about either.
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I don't just explore roads and trails by bike - sometimes I go out on my feet too. I have especially enjoyed wandering around cities, forests, and mountains since getting a little GPS unit to keep track of where my wanderings take me. I generally take my camera along to document where I go; some of the good trips show up in my photo album.
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I've always wanted to be able to draw, but I'm not going to claim I've ever been really good at it. Maybe someday I'll be a famous cartoonist (ha!), but for now I'll just sometimes doodle something and put it up on the web for others to see.
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I've had a long interest in staring off into space, and occasionally I do it when the stars are out. I decided it was time to get a telescope after moving to the dark skies of New Mexico, so now on those nights when the stars are out, I can stare off into space more efficiently.
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When I was young, I used to spend a lot of time playing with Lego sets. I used to make space ships, buildings, pirate ships, and weird death scenes. Eventually I grew up (read: graduated from college) and could afford to buy whatever sets I wanted. No more reliance on mom and dad to pick out the correct sets for me!
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I wouldn't say I really like cars, but after having to learn about them to keep my first one running, I've come to respect them. During my life I've owned or taken care of a few different cars.